Subscriber Only

Subscriber Only's landing page.

Subscriber Only is a Jekyll plugin to monetize your Jekyll site by adding paid content to it. You get to keep the simplicity and customizability of Jekyll — also, the ownership of your of content — and don’t have to switch to third-party platforms like Substack or Ghost. Subscription management, payment processing and access controls are handled by Subscriber Only leaving you free to focus on building great content.


OiOi's landing page

OiOi was a Cameo-like service that never left the blueprint phase. It was planned as a platform that allowed influencers to monetize their social personas by sending custom videos to their followers.


Typeblank's landing page.

Typeblank allowed users to receive SMS messages on a freshly created US phone number paid for with Bitcoin. It was used for protecting a user’s privacy when registering accounts on websites that require using a phone number.


Microsoft Access databases are typically kept in a drive made available over LAN, originating a fair number of issues. Diffology was a Microsoft Access Add-in that put a database’s schema and data into a git repository allowing users to easily synchronize all changes over the web.